Love Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice

Have you ever been to a drive-thru restaurant and just loved their ice so much you wished you had an ice maker at home that made ice like that? Chances are the ice that restaurant was serving was nugget ice. Nugget ice is pellet-shaped, soft, chewable ice. It doesn’t have that hard crunch of your normal ice and is almost slushy-like in texture but still is able to keep your drink nice and cold without melting too quickly.

Nugget lovers seek out this ice like no other and some even go as far as buying it by the bag at the restaurants that serve it. They obviously pay a premium to buy the ice this way and would be a lot better off if they could get a nugget ice maker for their home.

Until now, there has not been an affordable version of a nugget ice maker on the market. I have heard many people searching for a residential version of an ice maker that makes nugget ice and finally, Scotsman has answered their prayers with the NU130 series nugget ice makers. Scotsman coined the phrase “Love the Nug,” and I think the proud owners of the Scotsman nugget ice makers do just that!


  1. I love nugget ice! I visit Sonic way too often to get my fix. I’m hoping I can bring a maker into my home but don’t have the space currently. However, FirstBuild opened a design challenge to create a countertop, nugget ice maker. I’m excited for it!

  2. Daniel Peterson says:

    @Jamie: me too, I love party and nugget ice. Scotsman is the best brand to market, but their price is higher than others.

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